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Culinary Champion's Vision
The Culinary Champions goal is to bring delicious, innovative, nourishing, food to the tables of families and foodies all over America. Using high-quality and healthy ingredients, our distinguished chefs will create original recipes, and put their signature twists on classic dishes. We will produce all of our products with the high standards our chefs demand and our discerning customers expect to taste.
Culinary Champion's Recipes

Teriyaki Beef Quesadilla

Perfect recipe for leftovers! Who doesn’t love a beef filled cheesy quesadilla?!

One-Pan Chicken Dinner

All the rage these days. And it’s no wonder… the ease of preparation is a total game-changer.

Chinese Chicken Salad

Juicy chicken, crispy greens, sweet Mandarins…salad heaven!

Miso Ginger Chicken Ramen

Comfort food to the max! Our Ramen will make you feel like you’ve just gotten the best hug ever.

Asian-inspired Sloppy Joe with Teriyaki Beef

Want to kick your sloppy Joe up a notch? This recipe will do the trick!

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